Making our Voice Heard on METRO Improvements

I’ve lived in Bethesda for the last 10 years, and like many in our district have commuted to work on the Red Line each day for the past decade. Single tracking, broken escalators and out-of-service elevators are all too common occurrences for those of us who rely on METRO to get to work every day. To top it off, it appears that many of our Bethesda METRO Stations are experiencing flooding issues and could close for a brief period of time in the fall for renovation.

While state policy makers recently approved a modest increase to our gas tax to help address our transportation needs in Maryland, more needs to be done to improve our transportation infrastructure. Now WMATA has developed a detailed plan called “Momentum” for how it can bring our system back to where it needs to be while also preparing for the future. You can read more about this comprehensive approach at:

I hope you will join me in making the improvement of METRO a priority. The proposed changes in WMATA’s plan will not only improve our quality of life, but help to attract and keep good paying jobs in our community. As a result, I signed on to support Momentum to enhance and expand our infrastructure, and hope you will take a few minutes to add your name to the growing list of supporters at:

It’s time for a change in our priorities. Please click on the link above to make your voice heard.


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