Jamgochian Campaign Statement on Lawn Sign Vandalism

For Immediate Release

March 31, 2014

Contact: Tim Hernandez


On Friday, April 18, lawn signs were stolen from in front of Hrant Jamgochian’s home. No other lawn signs were missing at the time. While the stolen signs were replaced, the new lawn signs were torn in half and the wire frames mangled the following evening. The destroyed signs were left in front of Hrant’s home for his family to see on Easter morning. That same evening several additional lawn signs with Hrant Jamgochian’s name on it were destroyed or removed in front of his neighbor’s homes on Bradley Boulevard. None of the other candidates for District 16 Delegate appear to have any lawn signs missing or damaged. Since the culprit also appeared to be sending the message that he/she knows where Hrant lives, law enforcement has been notified and is looking into the matter.

Statement from Jamgochian campaign: “Hrant, his wife Lenna and their 8 month old child will not be bullied or intimidated by such violent and cowardly acts. Hrant is running for office because he wants: everyone to have access to high quality, affordable healthcare; all of our children have the chance at a good education; and everybody to have the opportunity to earn a good living. Hrant is running a positive, issues based campaign that reflects the best in the Democratic Party. He will continue to work hard to ensure his message gets out, even if there are those who would threaten his family and their wellbeing.”

# # #

Hrant Jamgochian is a Democrat running for District 16 Delegate. He was named after his grandfather who escaped the Armenian Genocide. If elected, Hrant will be the first Armenian-American to serve in the Maryland state legislature, and will be sworn into office on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide – 2015.


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