Hrant waiting for bus

Hrant waiting for the #36 bus in front of his home, before riding the METRO to work.

Hrant believes we cannot ignore our transportation gridlock any longer, which is absolutely critical to improving our health, environment and economy.

Montgomery County continues to rank among the worst in the country for traffic congestion, and we need to take action. This issue is not just about reducing commute times, but about improving our quality of life – spending less time on the road and more time with our families; reducing carbon emissions to improve the air we breathe; and improving our infrastructure to attract more higher paying jobs and stimulate our economy. Hrant is committed to addressing our traffic gridlock and as your Delegate he will work to:

Prioritize implementation of the Purple Line

Hrant knows that Marylanders want to spend their time on the things that matter – not on an hour commute from Bethesda to Silver Spring. We need to move forward with the State’s proposed plans for the Purple Line to connect Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties. The current plan calls for light-rail that will travel mostly at-grade to help ensure it cost-effectiveness. In addition to reducing traffic, this proposal will help to stimulate economic development in our district. Hrant will work to ensure our state prioritizes this important project for our district.

Make METRO safer and more reliable

While rates for riders continue to increase, the quality and safety of METRO continue to come into question. Of course, there will be challenges in any system where the decision makers and funding come from 3 states, each of which may potentially have different priorities. But, that is exactly why Maryland needs to be a leader on the issue and pull our colleagues in DC and Virginia along with us, not the other way around. As a result, Hrant will work to ensure that Maryland prioritizes much needed funding to improve METRO.

Increase bus routes and frequency

As the economy continues to challenge our state and county budgets, we have seen significant cuts in the number of buses and routes in Montgomery County. While many of us count on Ride-on or Metrobus to facilitate our transportation to and from work, we often overlook how many people do not have an alternative form of transportation as recent estimates found as many as 1 in 5 bus riders in our area do not own a vehicle. Yet, another reason why Hrant is so committed to funding our public transportation system.

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