Hrant Composting

Hrant emptying vegetable peels into his compost tumbler on the side of his Bethesda home.

Hrant believes we have a moral obligation to our children to preserve and protect our planet. 

In fact, Hrant began his professional career working on a wide range of environmental and consumer protection campaigns around the country. He promoted ballot initiatives in Florida to save the Everglades, advocated for clean water in New Jersey, worked for environmental defense in Georgia and protected our parks here in Maryland. As your Delegate, you can count on Hrant to:

Prioritize public transportation

Montgomery County faces some of the worst traffic in the country, affecting our quality of life along with the air we breathe. Hrant will work for implementation and improvement of the Purple Line to connect Montgomery County and Prince Georges Counties, as well as the Corridor Cities Transitway to extend the Red Line from Shady Grove to Clarksburg. Hrant will work hard to improve METRO as well as our our buses, including prioritizing funding for Bus Rapid Transit. Through investing in public transit, we can decrease the number of cars on the road and reduce our carbon footprint.

Reduce urban sprawl

Montgomery County now exceeds more than one million residents, and that number is only expected to grow. Hrant will work to help preserve our few remaining green spaces, by funding land conservation efforts like Project Open Space, and protecting our County’s Agricultural Reserve at the state level. Improved public transportation and smart growth development will be at the center of these efforts. Hrant will also work with local policy makers to create more safe paths for walking and biking.

Protect our water

Our District is in both the Anacostia and Potomac watersheds, which flow into the Chesapeake, making care of the Chesapeake our direct responsibility. While restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay continue, recent reports find that the Bay continues to be degraded. In fact, only a small percentage of the Bay and its tributaries meet Clean Water Act standards for dissolved oxygen, which is necessary for the Bay’s fish and shellfish to survive. Hrant will work to reduce stormwater pollution, agricultural runoff and the presence of pharmaceuticals in our waterways.

Oppose Fracking

Hrant remains deeply troubled by the serious health and environmental risks that hydraulic fracturing poses. As a result, He will fight to prevent fracking in Maryland and increase transparency regarding its safety. He will start this effort by working to disclose the chemicals used in fracking, which are currently exempted under OSHA trade secret rules. He will also seek to prohibit exploitive non-disclosure agreements between drillers and landowners that silence the truth about the dangers of fracking. Finally, Hrant will work to establish an efficient process for health professionals to receive needed information about fracking and its impact on patients.

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