Bethesda Shoe and Luggage Repair

Hrant thanks the owner of Bethesda Shoe & Luggage Repair for supporting his campaign, as they laugh about the number of Hrant’s shoes that needed repairs during the last campaign.

Hrant believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to earn a good living.

Unfortunately, Maryland families are hurting, as our economy continues to remain one of the biggest challenges to our state. While our unemployment rate is gradually improving, there are still so many Marylanders who are hurting, many of whom have fallen into our state’s safety net for the first time. In the meantime, our state revenues are down, while the need in state programs is up. Without decisive action, our economy threatens so many of our priorities, from health and education to our very own financial stability. As your Delegate Hrant will work to:

Prioritize transportation and infrastructure

Transportation continues to remain a major barrier to our current economic development. Hrant will work to address our continued traffic gridlock. As outlined under his transportation issues page, Hrant will prioritize programs such as the Purple Line and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), while working to improve METRO and our overall infrastructure.

Increase incentives for business development

Far too many families are now choosing between unemployment and underemployment. We need to get more people back to work and in good paying jobs. That means providing more support and incentives to businesses in order to attract more of the jobs that Marylanders want. This may include revisiting our current tax code to help attract new industry, such as high paying “green jobs,” the hi-tech sector and bio-jobs. Hrant will work to attract new businesses while providing the support that our current small businesses need.

Focus on workforce development

We also need to ensure that Maryland retains every good paying job. This means that we must be ready to invest in our workforce. Hrant will work hard to support job training initiatives in our community colleges, public private partnerships to help people get the skills they need as well as on the job training programs. Hrant will work hard to help ensure that employers do not have to look beyond our state borders to find individuals with the skills they need.

Increase the minimum wage

It is not enough for Maryland to focus on creating new jobs, we need to ensure that all of our citizens receive a decent income from their work to support their families.  While Montgomery County recently took an important step in increasing the minimum wage, Hrant will work hard to enact a living wage for all Marylanders.


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