Gwen Majette former Campaign Treasurer

Hrant discusses financial issues with his previous Campaign Treasurer Gwen Majette.

Hrant believes that government can make a difference to improve the lives of its citizens, but it is the responsibility of elected officials to ensure that every tax dollar is used effectively.

The gradual improvement of our economy is helping to close our previous budget shortfalls. At the same time, we have a record number of Montgomery County residents still in need. And while Montgomery County provides 30% of our state’s revenue, only a small fraction comes back to help our community. There is no doubt that we must continue to work hard to close our budget shortfalls, but we must also ensure that we protect our most vulnerable citizens, that means making sure that Montgomery County gets its fair share. As your Delegate Hrant will work to ensure:

Fiscal responsibility

Hrant will fight to save taxpayer money by prioritizing the elimination of waste, fraud and abuse at the state level. He will also work to help streamline our state government, not just to reduce expenses but to improve coordination. Whether you are enrolling for a state benefit or trying to get a license, our budget shortfall provides us with the opportunity to help create a more integrated and responsive state government.

Prioritize economic development

The bottom line is that we need to get more people back to work in good paying jobs, which will not only strengthen our tax base, but also reduce the strain on government programs. To create good jobs here, Hrant wants to improve our infrastructure and transportation; provide incentives for business development and more proactively engage business owners; as well as increase job training, public-private partnerships and workforce development.

Balanced approach

Unlike Congressional Republicans, Hrant does not believe in balancing our state budget on the backs of working families. Maryland has lost too much in state revenue, and too many in Montgomery County are still hurting. Instead of continuing to cut social programs for the most needy in our society, he will push for a budget based on shared sacrifice, where corporate giants have to pay their fair share. Hrant will focus on closing corporate tax loopholes to ensure everyone does their part.


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