Hrant Jamgochian Speaks at Public Hearing on Pepco; Slams Proposed $60.8 Million Rate Increase

For Immediate Release
May 10, 2013
Contact: Rachel Gumpert

Hrant Jamgochian Speaks at Public Hearing on Pepco;
Slams Proposed $60.8 Million Rate Increase

Jamgochian delivers hard-hitting speech calling for improved reliability and less frequent outages

Rockville, MD – Last night Hrant Jamgochian testified at the Public Service Commission Hearing at Montgomery College, slamming Pepco’s proposed $60.8 million rate increase and demanding improved reliability in service.

“Before the Public Service Commission raises any rates, PEPCO needs to ensure better reliability for everyone, and especially for our residents who rely on life-saving medical technology,” Jamgochian argued. “Instead of trying to take $60.8 million more from us, Pepco needs to reassess it’s priorities and provide us with reliability in service that we can count on, less frequent service interruptions and outages, outages that are restored sooner when they do occur, better customer service with higher quality information available when we need it, quicker downed wire repair for homes at risk, and proactive tree trimming – not waiting until after devastation has been caused. Anything less is inexcusable.”

Jamgochian joined with Delegate Al Carr from neighboring District 18, AARP, and a dozen local activists in expressing concern over the proposed rate increase. Pepco is a highly unpopular company in Maryland due to its notoriously unreliable service and the extended lengths of power outages. The issue is particularly salient in District 16 due to the amount of trees present and lack of underground wires in the area.

Service reliability is a serious medical concern for those who rely on electrical-based medical equipment, including dialysis and oxygen machines. As a Delegate. Hrant will work to craft policy that holds PEPCO accountable and helps Maryland residents receive the quality service that they paid their hard earned money for.


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