• 25,000 Marylanders Lose Unemployment Benefits, Hrant Jamgochian Calls for Action on Behalf of Vulnerable Marylanders

    For Immediate Release
    December 28, 2013
    Contact: Rachel Gumpert

    25,000 Marylanders Lose Unemployment Benefits, Hrant Jamgochian Calls for Action on Behalf of Vulnerable Marylanders

    Bethesda, MD – Today, 25,000 Marylanders lost unemployment benefits as part of a federal sunset on emergency aid to the long-term unemployed, impacting 1.3 million Americans.  Hrant Jamgochian, District 16 Delegate candidate, called for immediate action on behalf of the vulnerable Marylanders who lost their assistance.
    Jamgochian noted that across the country, Americans are still facing the highest level of long-term unemployment since World War II.  “In Maryland, long-term unemployment crosses socio-economic and educational lines, impacting everyone from professionals with graduate degrees, high school drop outs, two income families with children, older workers nearing retirement and recent college graduates,” said Jamgochian.  “The decision to scrap unemployment benefits to 25,000 vulnerable Marylanders is about priorities which are misplaced.  When we’re facing the highest numbers of long-term unemployment in decades, our priority needs to be standing with our fellow Marylanders and helping them as they continue to work to find new employment.”
    Long-term unemployment has repeatedly been linked to a decreased likelihood of attaining new employment.  On average, workers who have been out of work 27 weeks or more see their chances of securing employment drop to only 12% in any given month. Without congressional action, thousands more Marylanders and a projected 3.6 million Americans will see their unemployment benefits expire by summer 2014. In Maryland, the average unemployment benefit pays $313 a week.
  • Hrant Jamgochian Voices Support of PowerUpMontco Petition to Intervene; Del. Carr’s Participant Compensation Bill

    For Immediate Release
    December 18, 2013
    Contact: Rachel Gumpert

    Hrant Jamgochian Voices Support of PowerUpMontco Petition to Intervene; Del. Carr’s Participant Compensation Bill

    Bethesda, MD – Today District 16 Delegate candidate Hrant Jamgochian announced his support for PowerUpMontco’s decision to file a Petition to Intervene in Pepco’s recent rate increase request, as well as his support for Delegate Al Carr’s participant compensation bill. PowerUpMontco’s plan to file the Petition comes in the wake of a December 4th Pepco proposal requesting a $43.3 million rate increase. The request is estimated to increase bills for Montgomery County residents nearly $5 a month and is their second rate increase request of 2013.

    “When my late Father-in-Law lived with my wife and me, he was put on a permanent oxygen machine that he often needed in order to breathe. Service reliability is a real issue that has very serious consequences for Marylanders, especially for our seniors and those who rely on life-saving medical technology,” Jamgochian said. “Instead of lobbying for a fresh rate increase, Pepco needs to reassess its priorities and work to ensure we have increased service reliability, shorter and less frequent outages, more rapid downed wire repair for homes in risk and greater proactive tree trimming.”

    Jamgochian also voiced support for Delegate Carr’s Participant Compensation bill from the previous legislative session (HB 1129), which Carr plans to introduce again in the upcoming 2014 session. The legislation would seek to provide compensation on a limited basis to parties participating in rate cases filed with the Maryland Public Service Commission. The goal of the legislation is to give voice to a more diverse range of rate payers, in a legal process where utility companies have the ability to greatly outspend the vast majority of consumers on legal fees.

  • Jamgochian Campaign Raises Over $23,000 at December Fundraiser; Formidable Sign of Strength Ahead of Finance Deadline

    For Immediate Release
    December 6, 2013
    Contact: Rachel Gumpert

    Jamgochian Campaign Raises Over $23,000 at December Fundraiser
    Formidable Sign of Strength Ahead of Finance Deadline

    Bethesda, MD – District 16 Delegate candidate Hrant Jamgochian raised $23,085 at a block-buster end-of-year fundraiser yesterday, at an event hosted by US President of United Way Worldwide Stacey Stewart.  This fundraiser comes just one month before the first fundraising deadline, and is a sign of the daunting climb any potential challengers would face if entering the race.

    Jamgochian brings twenty years of public policy experience and currently serves as the Executive Director for Dialysis Patient Citizens, a national patient advocacy organization that works to improve the quality of life for kidney disease patients. He previously worked at United Way Worldwide as the Director of Health Policy, where served as the lead expert on state and federal health policy issues.  On the campaign trail, Jamgochian frequently cites his tenure and leadership at United Way Worldwide as informative to the legislative goals he hopes to accomplish as a Delegate.

    Jamgochian’s aggressively early start includes a June fundraiser that also broke the $20,000 mark, a full time Campaign Manager who has been on the ground for seven months and a team of national consultants assembled in early 2013. In what was expected to be a crowded and hotly contested primary field, Jamgochian’s early start, strong fundraising efforts, consolidation of local endorsements and extensive professional experience have been described by local activists as playing a critical role in giving his campaign an edge.

  • Top Maryland State Party Leader Endorses Hrant Jamgochian for District 16 Delegate

    For Immediate Release
    Sept 27, 2013
    Contact: Rachel Gumpert

    Top Maryland State Party Leader Endorses Hrant Jamgochian for Delegate
    Joins Ranks of Sitting US Congressman and MD Attorney General as Latest in High Profile Supporters

    Bethesda, MD – Today Hrant Jamgochian announced the endorsement of former Maryland Democratic Party Chair Susan Turnbull in support of his candidacy for District 16 Delegate. Turnbull served as state Democratic Party Chair up until 2011 and is a heavy hitting influencer in state Democratic circles, with a long resume that includes numerous leadership positions in the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Turnbull stressed Hrant’s dedication to service and his top-tier candidate credentials in her passionate endorsement.

    “For me, what I look for in a representative is someone who puts his or her constituents first; who runs for office because of a keen interest in doing good. Hrant is someone I have confidence in not only because he cares and will strive to do good, but because he will do it well”, Turnbull said. “He is exactly the kind of dedicated public servant that continues in the strong tradition of other District 16 superstars, Nancy Kopp and Brian Frosh.”

    Turnbull joins the ranks of high profile Jamgochian supporters including current Attorney General and District 16 resident Doug Gansler, as well as US Congressman and Ranking Member of the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Health Frank Pallone.

    A common theme of Jamgochian’s supporters is an emphasis on his extensive health policy experience and dedicated leadership on progressive causes. Turnbull underscored the importance of his two decades of professional experience in her endorsement, saying, “Hrant has the potential to be a strong informed consensus builder on one of the most critical issues of these times – health care.”

    Turnbull has served in numerous leadership positions within the state and national Democratic party in addition to her role as the Maryland Democratic Party Chair, including Democratic National Committee (DNC) Vice Chair; DNC Deputy Chair; Chair of the DNC Women’s Caucus and National Chair of the Woman’s Leadership Forum.  Turnbull also serves as the Chair of Jewish Women International; Vice Chair of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs; a Member of the Board of Hillel; and as a Member of the Board of the Jewish Social Service Agency of Metropolitan Washington.

  • Hrant Jamgochian Holds Kickoff Campaign Fundraiser with US Rep Frank Pallone; Unveils Formidable Fundraising

    For Immediate Release
    June 19, 2013
    Contact: Rachel Gumpert

    Hrant Jamgochian Holds Kickoff Campaign Fundraiser with US Rep Frank Pallone
    Announces Fundraising Haul of Over $20,000 from 150 Donors Raised in Under 5 Weeks

    Bethesda, MD – On Monday night Hrant Jamgochian held his first fundraiser in his campaign for Maryland District 16 Delegate, announcing that he significantly surpassed his goal of raising $20,000 in under five weeks, with contributions from 150 unique donors. US Congressman and Ranking Member on the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee Frank Pallone spoke at the event in support of Jamgochian’s candidacy.

    “Hrant and I have been working together for more than a decade, through his professional leadership in healthcare advocacy,” said Congressman Pallone. Referring to Jamgochian as a friend, he continued, “I can tell you that Hrant has got it right when it comes to good Democratic values and a true commitment to improving access, affordability and quality of care for all Maryland residents”.

    At the event Jamgochian revealed that his aggressive fundraising success would be key in implementing his strategy for communicating his priorities and values to voters – values, he argued, most residents of the district share. “We believe in protecting the most vulnerable members of society, in fostering an affordable and accessible educational system,” Jamgochian said. “We believe in an economy where people pay their fair share and we are able to find good jobs in the fields we have spent years preparing for.”

    Jamgochian’s early fundraising success is notable in District 16 because of the short period of time it was raised in – a year in advance of the primary election – and the diverse and large number of donors who have quickly coalesced around his campaign. While many candidates in this district ran on primarily self-funded campaigns in 2010, Jamgochian’s grassroots support and fundraising power are a show of his greater viability.