Hrant brings nearly 20 years of public policy experience at the state and national levels, with the long track record of success we should expect from representatives in Annapolis.  The following are just a few highlights from Hrant’s professional career –

Working with the Obama Administration to Improve Patient Access

In his current role as Executive Director of Dialysis Patient Citizens, Hrant has helped to secure clarification from the Obama Administration on key provisions in the Affordable Care Act, ensuring access to the health exchanges for some of our most vulnerable citizens.  He has also participated in nearly two dozen successful state campaigns to protect patient access to care.

Implementing the ACA, CHIPRA and ARRA

At United Way World Wide, where Hrant served as the lead health expert for the world’s largest charity, working with nearly 1,300 state and local affiliates on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) and the health provisions in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) as well as implementation of these laws.

Defending Medicare Patients

Hrant spearheaded congressional advocacy efforts that helped to secure: a prompt payment requirement for Medicare Part D claims; the delay of Medicaid payment cuts to providers; a requirement for weekly updates of prescription drug pricing; and legislative language providing the Comptroller General with broad discretion to fully analyze the potential impact of e-prescribing.

Increasing Marylanders Access to Immunizations 

While at the American Pharmacists Association, Hrant was a key advocate in the successful effort to allow Maryland residents to receive flu shots from their local pharmacists, increasing patient access and prevention in our state.

Creating Real Protections for the Mentally Ill

Hrant helped to secure passage of mental health parity legislation in nearly a dozen states and built momentum for it to be signed into law at the federal level during his tenure at the American Psychological Association.  Hrant also helped to secure passage of and funding for legislation that created mental health courts.

Stopping Insurance Companies from Making the Most Vulnerable Pay More

He helped to protect critical mental health screening benefits in Medicaid while also working to block passage of legislation that would strip critical state insurance protections.

Demanding Progress on Humanitarian Issues

Hrant advocated for Genocide affirmation at the state and federal levels, including supporting then State Senator Chris Van Hollen’s resolution for the State of Maryland to commemorate the Armenian Genocide, enacted in 2002.  Hrant also worked to increase U.S. foreign assistance as well as our engagement on human rights issues.